AJC: Do motorists need to hide guns in their cars?

Discussion in 'In the News' started by lsu_nonleg, Mar 8, 2007.

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    Yet another anti-"concealed" vehicle carry article by the AJC:

    A snippet
    More of the same, liberally peppered with "Officers killed at vehicle stops" tables, stories of carjacking victims who swear it wouldn't have helped to have had a gun, LaGrange Sheriff that acts like the public is an annoyance, etc.
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    Give me a break the AJC is sounding so stupid on this issue.

    I'm all for this bill because I some times let my father use my truck to haul stuff around and I leave my gun under the seat.My father doesn't have a GFL so I always tell him to put the gun in my gloveboxs because I don't want my father to get arrest because of me having a legal firearm under my seat.
    The GFL I feel is to be used when carrying on a public sidewalk not to be used in your car.The AJC is getting more ant-2amendment that why I don't read their paper.

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    Ain't it somthin!!!!

    I think it is interesting how he sites the FBI stats,
    Law enforcement officers killed at scene of incidents, traffic pursuits or traffic stops per year:
    2005: 15
    2004: 6
    2003: 14
    2002: 10
    2001: 9
    2000: 13
    1999: 8
    1998: 9
    1997: 7
    1996: 11
    Source: FBI annual reports, Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted

    If you notice he sites "at scene of incidents" . If I had to guess, I would say that this has nothing to do with traffic stops.
    The other interesting thing about the AJC is when they want to force their opinion they don't have a responce too section.
    I to have concernes about this new bill just because I don't see the whole picture as to what it will accomplish or change for that matter. Now before I get flamed for stupidity I do understand our gun laws and I also understand that when some one who does not have a permit still gets a quick check by NICS, so thats why part of me says anybody who passes a NICS should be able to have a gun anywhere in their vehicle they feel comfortable with, but there is still part of me that has concerns. It's like those of us that went to the trouble and expense to get our permit took that extra step to assure the safety of the average sheeple.
    just a long thought,
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    The AJC is maddening, I think most here would agree. But, I cannot stick my head in the sand because it causes personal indignation. Studying the ways, thoughts, and "feelings" of your opponents is one of the greatest ways to engineer their defeat.

    "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance," after all! We can't just expect Malum P. to be one of the lone vehicles by proxy for our anger and opinion. :D
  5. The best way to fight this anti-crap, is to email the writer with your concerns. I just did. :wink: