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Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by gunsmoker, Oct 20, 2007.

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    Today's AJC.com has an article about the NFA and legal ownership of machineguns. They interviewed the gun store owner, and the article was fairly balanced and accurate. The said that this rap star T-something, whatever the punk's name is, could have used his big money to buy those kinds of NFA weapons legally, IF he had just led a more law-abiding life in the past, because a thorough background check and LEO sign-off is part of the process to get a machinegun or silencer legally. That's true, of course, but I hardly doubt that any rap star would lower himself to beg the government's permission to own such a weapon. They want the bad-boy appeal of doing it like they do on the street, totally black-market on the down-low. Just like I can't see any rap star getting a pharmacist's license to dispense prescription drugs!

    The only complaint I could lodge against this article is that they don't give enough emphasis to the legal USE, actual shooting, of such guns, by their private owners. The article says they're so valuable many people collect them just as investments without using them. Yes, that's true for some guns, and some owners. Many other people actually shoot their guns for fun, at shooting ranges, and nobody gets hurt. Of course the article did mention that such guns are available for rent in Lawrenceville for use at the indoor range attached to the gun shop.
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    I read that article. I agree that it did appear to be fair. Toward the end the author stated that rarely if ever has a machine gun been used in a crime.

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    OMG...pull that reporters' press card!
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    Wow. I'm really pleasantly surprised by the AJC for once. Bonus points for the mention of the FOP of 1986 as the cause for artificial scarcity.

    Of course, they had to get this bit in:
    I've shot machineguns accurately. In fact, in Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries, there are bullseye machinegun matches. Never bet against the Danes on a plate shoot :wink:
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    :roll: So by shooting a machine gun, I'm automatically uncivilized and look like a commando or killer? I may be all three, but that has nothing to do with how many bullets I run through a barrel with one pull of the trigger. I won't be visiting this range in the future, even though it's one of the closer ones.
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    We had this Chief on my boat who could shoot the heads off of mops at 25 yards with a Thompson all day long on full auto. You check out the mop and you can see 3-4 spots on the mop where rounds had hit.

    And then we have had people who cant hit a full sized silhouette target at 10 yards on full auto.

    Me I'm somewhere in the middle.
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    :? Way to give ammo (pun intended) to the enemies!

    Even earlier in the article, there was mention of doctors, lawyers, and higher ups being the only ones who can really afford the stuff. That makes them uncivilized commando killer-types?
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    Of course not. It's only the unwashed, unenlightened masses that are uncivilized commando killer mall-ninja types.