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    Well, that ought to answer that stupid ticket agent from Delta in Portland's airport that tried to make me get rid of a $37 box of .338 WM ammunition at the counter because I had it in the gun case. When she wasn't looking, I slipped my loaded magazine of 15 rounds or .40 caliber ammo into the suitcase as well.

    This was pre-2001 (by one year).

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    Oh, I comply with all of that stuff now.

    I always used to carry in my carry on baggage a Buck knife and several hundred rounds of 7.62 x 39 ammo and nobody ever said a word.

    Now that knife would have come in handy had my flight been occupied by Muslims with box cutters, wouldn't it?
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    I had a little trouble at the ATL airport a couple years ago (post 9/11). I declared a handgun and ammunition to the ticket agent, who was fine with it, and she sent me over to TSA. The ammo was in a magazine. TSA said it had to be in the original box. I told them that it did not, and that it just had to be in the original box or some other container designed for holding ammunition and which kept it secure. I pointed out that a steel magazine kept the ammunition more securely than a paper box would, and that the primers were much more protected. No go. I asked to speak to the TSA supervisor, who came over and said the same thing as the subordinate. I asked for their names while I emptied my magazine. The TSA supervisor came back over to tell me that, by the way, I could not put the loose ammunition in my luggage, either. I thanked him, and informed him that it would be much safer in the public trash can into which I was about to throw it. When I got home, I wrote TSA a letter about it. They never replied, but soon thereafter changed their rules to say that magazines were okay if the magazines were secured.