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The government seeks in this legislation to gain control over a much larger and more amorphous category -- persons who might be terrorists or somehow connected with a disfavored organization. In the words of the proposal, the government could henceforth prohibit anyone "appropriately suspected" of being engaged in some sort of activity perhaps "related to terrorism," from purchasing a firearm.
It is all about labels. Kids are labeled ADHD at an alarming rate these days. Folks whom are religious are labeled zealots these days. Now all we have to do is say that YOU are appropriately suspected of being engaged in some sort of activity perhaps related to terrorism and bam! No rights for you!

Whenever you see vague words like "appropriately" and "perhaps" in legislation, rights, people, and liberty will soon suffer. Gonzales needs to be bounced out on his ass.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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