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  1. personally i dont think you should "advise" her..... i think you can just educate her on saefty, operation, training, and laws. that is the best thing you could do . if you educate her the best you can and point her at some qualified training opportunities, then the decision and responsibility is hers. My wife carries and she is 27, but the decision was hers... i provided the education on pertinent matters and pointed her at a qualified trainer (i tried to teach her... but we all know what it is like trying to tell your wife something, or that she is doing something wrong). We have three small kids in the house (11,8,&7), we have taught them what they need to know, basically stay away from the guns. they know what they are and what they are for, and what they can do.
    Georgia is not really restrictive on GFL.... no felonies, no drugs or DUI, no forcible misdemeanors in the last 5 years...... wait a reallllyyyyy long time and there ya go...a fresh new GFL.

  2. i agree with you on that point.... i took restrictive as to restrictive to acquire... i totally agree with you on restrictive as in respect to the restrictions on it as to its limitations.
  3. nah.... i never get offended..... just like everybody to understand... press on.... the main point of the post was the best you can do is educate her, and pass on the responsibility to her.....she is grown.
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    I always tell everybody to get the license. Even if they don't own a gun. I mean, you really don't wait until 6 months after you buy a car to go get your driver's license, do you?

    I would also take the time to find a nonthreatening training environment and point her to it. She did ask, so it's not like you are being a busybody. There are training classes around with female-only classes, which I find best for this situation. I think we may even have some forum participants who do such training.
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    Inform her as much as you can as to pros and cons of different carry methods, firearms, and the law.

    As Malum said, go ahead and get the GFL.

    Find a NRA certified trainer and have her take a class (teaches safety and how to aim).

    After that I would suggest she take a defensive pistol class.

    I would suggest getting the pistol before taking a class, since most classes include range time.
    Some ranges will have guns to rent and find which is best for her (while you or I may like the 40 and 45, a 9mm may be best for her).