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Absoute monarchy, mixed civil and sharia law, they have voting but political parties are banned, and so far the legislative council is appointed by the monarch, the Amir has final say on all legislation, Islam is the state religion (Salafi, one of only two, Saudi Arabia being the other), but they have sizable non-muslim minorities. Wiki says the non-muslims are all foreign workers (Americans and Filipinoes) and that the locals are all muslim.

Apparently not a lot of Islamist activity there, compared to other middle eastern countries.
If I recall (and it's been a while), the only workers are really foreigners. The Qatari locals are all filthy stinking rich and don't really work...ah yes...94% of the workforce are not Qatari nationals and 86% of the population are not Qataris.

And this interesting tidbit: The Qatar Distribution Company (a subsidiary of Qatar Airways) is permitted to import alcohol and pork; it operates the one and only liquor store in the country, which also sells pork to holders of liquor licences. Qatari officials have also indicated a willingness to allow alcohol in "fan zones" at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
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