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Adairsville today

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It was fun shooting at Adairsville today! :woohoo:

and I met a lot of Steve's

I enjoyed shooting clays with Mr & Mrs Aeroshooter
Kelly & Steve - you got me addicted again.

Ashe thanks for the tips about the elbows
and Matt that red dot scope is good for us old ladies who need glasses
thanks for letting me try your gun.

my new 22 magnum rifle is just about sighted in
but I went back out for another round of clays before John & I left

If anyone is looking for a place to shoot up in this area - I can say the owners were very pleasant & made it an enjoyable time as well.

I'll be going back real soon to bust more clays :D
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I'm sorry I was doing my "Incessantly tweek the Rifle" thing that I do.. On the + side I got my groups down to about 2 inches at 100 yards with open sights.

I just got an email my new glock sights are on the way, so now I can be sociable and play pistolero.
Yeah that was me...
I was zeroing my ar :)

For 3 hours :)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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