Acworth Gunshops....any recommendations?

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    I'm moving to Acworth at the end of the month (right after Christmas.) What are some recommendations for gunshops in that area? I'm looking for reasonable costs, good selection, friendly staff, etc. I'm interested in those that carry Sig Sauer weapons also.

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    There's a shop with a pitiful selection in the acworth "town square", but it's almost not worth looking at. Another shop just opened by by the best buy on 41. They have a good selection of holsters, but they hadn't gotten all of their weapons out when I visited last, so i can't comment on weapon selection.

    My suggestion:
    2727 Canton Rd. (Hwy 5), Suite #410
    Marietta, GA 30066

    Easiest way i've been getting there is by taking Berret Parkway up to Canton Rd. and taking a right. It's in the complex on your immediate right, i believe it's called "Piedmont Place" or something like that. I don't think the name has changed yet, so the sign might still say "Nick's Guns"

    It's a little bit of a drive, but they have the best selection in the area and the new owner is a member of this forum. They used to have a pretty bad reputation, but Dan (the new owner) has REALLY cleaned the place up! They sell Sig Sauer and also have an indoor shooting range. Pricings are on the website.

    Edit: According to their website:

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    Big Woods Goods, Cherokee Gun & Pawn, and Hi Caliber also have good selections and good prices.
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    I also recommend this place. I have been going there for years and even though most people seemed to hate it I always liked the store.

    The gunshop in downtown Acworth has a small selection and even though they have some interesting used pieces on occasion they always want too much for them. I have seen a few Security Six revolvers, some older S&W revolvers and even a factory comped Beretta 92 in there but I wouldn't pay as much as they wanted for any of them.