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    Most people probably remember an article in the media not long ago bemoaning the number of registered firearms in the United States as though that were some indication of an underlying crime spree. It didn't take long for people to point out that Most states didn't have any sort of 'firearms registration' and that the numbers reported were NFA-registered firearms.

    The ATF has recently published a 2017 edition of the "Firearms Commerce in the United States Annual Statistical Update." The document gives yearly production numbers for pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns, but also breaks down NFA registrations into AOWs, MGs, DDs, SBRs, SBS, and suppressors (Georgia is on page 15/16 because you know you want to go there first).

    Interesting statistics, remembering that LE likely accounts for a goodly proportion.
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    I must have missed that news story about the number of "registered" guns in the USA.

    ATF can, of course, announce how many guns have been produced and sold for every year since 1968 at least, when individual serial numbers were required on every firearm, even cheap shotguns and .22 rifles.

    But we'll never know how many of those guns are still in working condition, as contrasted with being rusted scrap buried in back yards and tossed into rivers, melted down at metal recycling yards, or destroyed after being confiscated by cops.

    Here's one article where some liberals who want to "study" gun violence bemoan the lack of permanent owner-by-owner tracking of every firearm.
    “The fact of the matter is we know how many people own cars, we know the identity of every car in the United States … Yet we don’t know who owns guns, and we don’t know how many guns there are in the United States,” said Rivara.

    “When I first started in gun research back in 1987, we could actually go down to the state capitol in Olympia [Washington] and identify through state records at that point who owns guns,” said Rivara. “That ability was subsequently removed.”

    Note: Did Washington (the state) really have records on who OWNED any type of FIREARM? Or were the records in question just about persons with licensed to carry concealed handguns in public?

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    Here's an example, this one by CBS News.

    • Hawaii is a 'may issue' state and effectively bans private ownership except in very limited cases. There are a reported 7,105 registered firearms among 1,404,054 people (5.1/1,000).
    • D.C., that bastion of conservatism, comes in at No. 2, with 42,897 registered firearms dispersed among 646,449 people (66.4/1,000).
    • Georgia which does not register rifles, shotguns or handguns is tied at 13th spot with New Hampshire with 145,412 registered firearms dispersed among 9,992,167 people (14.6/1,000).:screwy:
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