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Active Shooter at (MI) Courthouse

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County employee: At least 3 people dead in shooting at Berrien courthouse

ST. JOSEPH, MICH. - At least three people are dead at the Berrien County Courthouse following a shooting, an employee at the county prosecutor's office said.

Three people are dead and one person is injured, said the employee, who wished not to be named. Michigan State Police confirmed the shooting around 2:30 p.m. Monday, July 11.

Two of the people dead are court bailiffs. The other person dead is the shooter, the employee said.

State police have not confirmed those numbers nor the status of the shooter.

The employee at the prosector's office said the courthouse is under lockdown, and employees are being kept in their offices.
more at the below link...
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They need to fix the courthouse loophole where anybody can get a gun without a background check.

Allegedly the shooting started when a man who was being taken to jail took gun from a deputy and opened fire.
The shooting happened at the Berrien County courthouse on Monday afternoon. Bailey said he did not know anything about the shooter, why he was in the courthouse or how he got a gun. Additional details, including information on how the shooting happened, weren't immediately available.
Wonder what Obama has to say about criminals having access to guns this time.
Maybe courthouse personnel shouldn't have assault glocks. I'm sure somehow ARs are to blame.
Dang NRA!
:-k Maybe universal background checks and "no buy" lists could have prevented this?

Michigan huh? Must be one end of that "iron pipeline" of illegal guns flowing to up north or something.

All this senseless killing means we have to ban semi-auto's everywhere!

Someone let the Demanding Momz know there are more names to add to their list of victims of gun violence.

(No doubt they've had a busy week)
Shooter was in the courthouse for a hearing. He retrieved a weapon from a bailiff began shooting.

Nemo said:
Shooter was in the courthouse for a hearing. He retrieved a weapon from a bailiff began shooting.
Now, now [-X don't you go letting facts get in the way here.

No matter how it happened MOMZ are going to add all 3 names to their list.

But they can keep us all safe in gun free zones, this didn't happen.
Brian nichols move to michigan?
Blame the "Only One" loophole.
Interesting that this happened the same day I had jury duty in Cobb County. As far as I could tell, the bailiffs aren't armed, which is probably a good thing since most of them are 3 days older than dirt. My old HS principal became a bailiff when he retired from the school system.
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