Accuracy expectations with .40 XD Sub-Compact ?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by tpcollins, Oct 15, 2007.

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    Sold my never fired .357 S&W this past spring that I had for 12 years and bought a .40 S&W XD Sub-Compact that I just got around to shooting today at the range. The shortest distances for targets was 25 yards (not feet). I was able to shoot an oblong group of five shots 2" wide by 5" high on about a 30 degree slant. This group averaged about 4" right of the bull but fairly equal above and below horizontal.

    I can see that I have to tap either the front sight to the right or the rear sight to the left but my main question is what size groups do the better shooters get at 25 yards? I see I have a long ways to go. Thanks.
  2. tace

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    I wouldn't recommend messing with your sights just yet. Keep in mind you are shooting a gun with a 3 inch barrel. See if it's accurate at 10 yards first. Also, the odds with many ppl blaming sights is their own hand (or more likely trigger finger).

    I would like to remind you that the XD Sc is a carry gun not a long range target plinker.

  3. VolGrad

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    +1 for tace's comments.

    I love to blame my sights. Unfortunately, it is usually me that misses the bull. Sort of like when I play golf. When I hit a bad shot, I always have to take a really hard look at the know, like it must have something wrong with it for me to have hit the ball in the woods.

    You might also want to either try shooting from a rest and/or having someone else shoot it (preferably someone with some skills) and see how they do. Granted sights will be different for everyone but if they are off the same -or- right on bull, you will have your answer.

    But the what do I know? I am getting ready to register for Ken's Basic Handgun course in January. I need to start from the beginning.
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    +1 for what the others have said. Also keep in mind that while possible to shoot a sub-compact accurately at 25 yards, that's not what they are really designed for. They are designed to be concealable and accurate at self defense distances, which are closer to 3,7, or 10 yards.
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    Another +1 here. I have a Kahr P9 with 3.25" barrel. Past 10yd the accuracy goes to hell. But 10yds and in, nothing but black :D I don't care about groupings with my CCW piece. It's more about point and shoot to hit a torso sized target at 10yds. If I can keep all eight rounds in the black each time, I am happy.