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Accepting payment when selling a vehicle?

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I have not sold (nor bought) a vehicle or other high value item via private sale in over 20 years. My newest vehicle is 13 years old. Except for a very low value used car a bought a couple of years ago, my last several ones had been purchased new and kept many years.

I have a travel trailer that I'm considering putting up for sale and have been wondering the best way to accept payment. I don't know exactly how much yet, but it will likely be in the $11K-12K range. I'm not comfortable taking a personal check, but really don't know if I would trust someone to bring a "Certified" check or bank check, not knowing if it would be a counterfeit or not. I expect most people would not bring that much cash to purchase, and not sure if I'd want that either. I know several of you have bought/ sold vehicles privately, how have you handled this? I have thought about letting a potential buyer look at it, then meet them or follow them to their bank to transfer funds directly to me at that point and then sign the title over. Any suggestions or other ways to safely handle the transaction?
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"'s never off season for camping if you've got cold beer..."
sunnymw said:
OP, I'm gonna mail you a check for $12,000 but I need you to western union me $2,000 back before you cash it.
Your price was $10,500. Only send her back $1,500! Or else make her promise to send a check for $13,000 instead.

We should use rounder numbers.

WU her $4,500 in exchange for mailing a check later for $15,000.


OR... now just bear with me here... Or, you could send HER the $10,500 AND the trailer as a consignment deal, and then she can mail back an even bigger check for $21,000!

You would LIKE a check for $21,000, wouldn't you? Just think of all the things you could do with a check for $21,000.
awanatech said:
But then CM got me to thinking...
Believe it or not, folks... IT FINALLY HAPPENED!

awanatech said:
... I can count on you to send a check for $21,000, right?
The terms of your deal are right there, out on the interwebznets for all to see. It's well published with witnesses. Of COURSE you can count on her!
awanatech said:
I'm going to go out on a limb here... I bet this is not the first time you've driven people to have thoughts though... lol
Well, I did make my first quality post FINALLY the other week, so...

No, no... you have to send her the WU first. The check comes LATER.

$21,000... ... ... That's over 200 Benjies.
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