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    So, I picked up a copy to flip through at wally world the other day. It has prices of guns new and about what they are worth used. I was particularly looking at 1911 .45 pricing. The new gun price was pretty spot on in the book with dealer pricing for most pistols I have been looking at, BUT, the used price listed was WAYYYY lower than what I am seeing fir used guns at the dealer or anywhere for that matter. So, who are the ones buying the used guns at such a low price as listed in that bokk and why are they seemingly so greedy as to mark them up to almost retail new gun prices? How can an average joe like us get these good pistol prices listed in the book for a used weapon? I just want a good, cheap used .45 1911 pistol to shoot on occassion. seems as every one is over $500 bucks but the used guide says they go for 250 to 350 dollars.

    Do I just not know the "right" person to buy from or what?????

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    I would imagine that those prices are what a dealer would pay someone who was selling a used gun, so they can then mark up to make a profit.

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    Watch gunbroker.com and you can get a good deal now and then if your lucky. I was.