AA-12 Full auto shotgun

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    Available Now?

    Is this gun available to civilians? Are there pre-86 transferable ones out there? Or are they all made in the last 20 years and thus for police and class 3 dealers with LEO "letters of interest" only?

    Have they ever made a semi-auto version? I guess not, because when the BATF banned semi-auto combat shotguns about 10 years ago, they mentioned the SPAS-12, the Striker 12, the Street Sweeper, but not the AA-12. If a semi-auto version would have been available then, I'm sure ATF would have reclassified it as a "destructive device" like the rest.

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    Firstly, all firearms with a bore of over .50 cal could be considered destructive devices BUT the BATFE doesn't enforce this on sporting weapons (typical shotguns).

    The Sec. Tresury at the time (Bensen I think) ordered the ATF to consider streetweepers and a few other shotguns as destructive devices because they were "non-sporting."

    The main point of this is that these shotguns are not banned, new ones can even be made, they just have to be resgistered under the NFA as destructive devices.
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    Does a .700 Nitro express to bag T-Rex with count as a destructive device as well? :?
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    I've heard, but been able to confirm that there is/was a US made version of the USAS-12 (another shotgun declared a Destructive Device) which escaped the DD classification. I've seen, handled and shot a USAS-12 a few times; it's a heavy little beast 12lbs empty and 15+/- with the 20-round drum attached but the recoil is minimal... 20 rounds at once from a USAS is less than 1 round of .308 from a lightweight carbine.

    The AA-12 is +/-10.5 empty which is an improvement for long term carry certainly. I'm a bit converned about that rather long magazine guide that hangs down and is connected to the pistol grip, but I imagine it's there for stability.

    The Saiga 12 shotguns that we've seen converted into AK-like combat shotguns were all imprted in sporting configurations, and thereby escaped the evil DD classification, (which is apparently based on subjective qualities like how many times you can shoot one shot at a time before having to reload).

    Something I'd personally love to see is a domestically produced Neostead 12, a short coupled pump action with 12 round capacity. It could be manufactured as a pump with 6rnd capacity and come in under the radar, I'd think.

    (EDIT.... looks like this has been brought back from the dead (oops), but it's still a worthwhile post on the OP's part)
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    Awesome looking shotgun.

    I'd love to see a demo, tossing 20 of those 12ga grenades into a structure, rapid fire.