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A Trying Day at the Range

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The rifle (iron sights; no scope):

The ammunition (Surplus, MEN16, Wolf):

This set of photos is me trying to hit the 100 yd target. I’m standing and shooting offhand. First with the Surplus ammo, then the MEN16; five rounds each.

This set is me trying to hit the 200 yd target. I’m standing and shooting offhand again. Surplus ammo, then the MEN16 again; five rounds each.

Now I’m sitting crossed-legged and trying to hit the 300 yd target with five rounds of Surplus and then five rounds of MEN16.

And this is the results of me trying the prone position for the first time ever at 400 yds. Five rounds each of Surplus and then MEN16.

Next I tried hitting the steel silhouette at 400 yds without a spotter to call my shots. I got 10, or 11, hits out of 20 rounds.

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Then I moved two of the targets to 50 yds and tried snap-shooting at both of them (seven shots each) and the 100 yd target (six shots) using Wolf ammo and the #1 open-topped rear sight. I was standing and shooting offhand again.

1st 50 yd target:

2nd 50 yd target:

100 yd target:

And then I finished up with 20 rounds of MEN16 at the 200 yd target again. I was standing, but bracing off of a support post.
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