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Try one of the new Glock 21 SF's. They made the grip a tiny bit thinner or something but it made a huge difference in the way it feels. They make 2 versions of it. The most common has a "military standard picatinny" accessory rail. You'll have fun hunting a holster to fit it. The fobus Glock 30 holster will work.

The newest version has the standard glock accessory rail and will fit in any holster that a regular glock 21 will fit in.

I still like the way my Kimber shoots and feels better than my glocks. I do like the extra mag capacity and it's no matter what happens reputation for reliability of my new 21sf though. I think I'll like it even better when I get the Heine sights put on.

I had a full size HK .45 but traded it. It was a great gun that fit my hand well, it was set up like a 1911, and was spooky accurate. The downsides were it was really big, the clips were $50 if you could find them, and nobody seemed to make a holster for a full sized HK .45.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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