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A real pussycat...

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First and foremost a big thank you to all the people at GPO that gave their recommendations last week for places to shop and shoot in and around ATL for someone new to the area. I managed to make it out to Adventure Outdoors this afternoon, followed by a trip to Hotshots.

After viewing the goodies at AO, It was difficult to walk out of there without a new piece for my collection. I am so accustomed to tremendously inflated ammo and firearm prices in my last state of residence that I felt like a kid in a candystore looking over handguns for sale at normal market prices. Probably will go back as soon as Friday for a Government 1911 that really caught my fancy.

Buying 230 RN Blazer Brass at Wally's for $10.97 was also a joy. Both because I purchased ammo at WW and because it was $10.97. That's almost 50% cheaper than what I'm used to paying supposedly due to ammo "price increases." Yeah right, tell me another one.

OK, for the firearm discussion. I've never previously been much interested in Glocks but for whatever reason, I rented a G21 on impulse. As I carried it in-hand to the line, I prepared myself for a strange grip sensation due to the increased grip-to-slide angle. Aside from having MUCH MORE GIRTH in the grip than I'm accustomed to (1911), I didn't really notice any difference.

Next, I thought I'd have a tough time keeping the front sight on target due to my lack of familiarity with the glock trigger (never operated one before) and the difficulty I had getting my hands around its gorilla-sized grip. That, and the thing was so filthy that I swear there was a "gritty" feel when activating the action. In spite of all, I loaded the tupperware, stepped to the line, and pulled the trigger.

Wow. I found that the G21 was completely the opposite of my expectations. Hands down, it is MUCH EASIER to shoot than my 1911 with old colt-cut, three-dot target sights (in my subjective opinion). I was able to shoot point of aim at 10m from the first cartridge until the last. It practically shot itself, and feels right on par with my fullsize S&W 9mm in the recoil department.

Needless to say I am a fan of the G21. I see one in my stable in the near future, after I pick up some other goodies that I've been eyeing. Funny thing is after I was done putting 100 rounds through the G21, I grouped with my SA Compact 1911 much tighter than I did before I shot it. Strange. It was as if suddenly my EDC became easier to shoot too.

Another observation worth mentioning: I saw three booths occupued by father & son teams shooting practice at the range during the hour I was there. In each case, the boys were between 8-10 years of age. That's what's up.

I also learned NEVER to get off I-75 S at Fourteenth St as a shortcut to the Highlands. It took me nearly twenty minutes to reach Piedmont Park (maybe five or six typlical blocks in length). What a nightmare traffic is in ATL. I thought Boston was bad.

Now, it's Miller time ladies and gents. Ciao.
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First off Welcome to Atlanta.

My brother had a similar experiance. He swore by 1911's said he would only carry those. Well long story short he now has a compact 9m Glock. And that is his primary carry weapon. For many reasons. ie: advances in ammo means bigger doesn't mean better, weapon capacity, recoil, grip.

Try a Glock with the hogue grip :D Feels amazing.
If you thought the Glock grip was big, you can always try the Springfield XD45 which should have a grip more suitable to your liking.
Some of us prefer the XDs to the Glocks. :)

If I had the money to spend for a 1911, I would also check the HKs 45.

If you are in town, there is a gun shop in Buckhead but I haven't been there.
Try one of the new Glock 21 SF's. They made the grip a tiny bit thinner or something but it made a huge difference in the way it feels. They make 2 versions of it. The most common has a "military standard picatinny" accessory rail. You'll have fun hunting a holster to fit it. The fobus Glock 30 holster will work.

The newest version has the standard glock accessory rail and will fit in any holster that a regular glock 21 will fit in.

I still like the way my Kimber shoots and feels better than my glocks. I do like the extra mag capacity and it's no matter what happens reputation for reliability of my new 21sf though. I think I'll like it even better when I get the Heine sights put on.

I had a full size HK .45 but traded it. It was a great gun that fit my hand well, it was set up like a 1911, and was spooky accurate. The downsides were it was really big, the clips were $50 if you could find them, and nobody seemed to make a holster for a full sized HK .45.
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