A little extra security for the apartment door?

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    I just moved to a new apartment, and while it's in a fairly decent part of town, it's still an apartment, y'know? All I've got on the door is a deadbolt, which to my knowledge hasn't been changed since the previous tenants. I'd like to add a layer of protection to the door, one that can't be opened by the maintenance guys or management if they try to enter while I'm home, if I don't hear them (I've requested that they not come in when I'm not at home, but they're idiots). At a previous apartment I once lived in, I came out of the bedroom to find a maintenance man just letting himself inside, no knock or anything.

    Are these Masterlock security bars any good?


    I'm pretty sure that I can't add anything permanent to the door, but I am going to request that the deadbolt be changed. How should I secure the door better? Also, how would you secure glass french doors onto the 2nd story balcony (currently only a deadbolt)?
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    A security bar, second deadbolt with no exterior action, chain or hasp, etc should work. You just want something to give you a few seconds warning even if somebody has a key and is really determined.

    As far as the glass french doors, if somebody wants in, they are just going to throw a brick through. You'd need doors with hurricane or security ratings.

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    Regarding them changing the deadbolt. Management is always going to want a key for access to the apartment. I live in a small complex that is not owned by a company, but a private individual. He has it setup for pest control to come every 2nd thursday of the month. They have a master key to all of the apartments. So does the plumbing, electrical and appliance companies he has a contract with. The first month I lived here the Pest Control technician almost got drawn down on. I woke up to the sound of my doorbell. When I went to go see who it was the door was being unlocked.
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    That's precisely what I want to avoid. 7 years ago when that maintenance guy came in unannounced with a key and surprised me, I didn't own a gun, and I probably took it better than I would today. (Later, I wondered if he was coming in to steal something and didn't think I was there; usually they hammer on the door and announce themselves, and he did nothing.)

    Today, if I walked around a corner in my own apartment and there was someone I didn't know standing there, they'd likely be staring at a glock and talking very fast. I'm sure I'd be evicted at that point. And they'd be lucky, because Mississippi has a very forgiving castle doctrine. Oh, I hate living in an apartment!

    Back on topic: are those bars any good / waste of money / or is there a better brand?
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    I bought two of the Masterlock security bars a few years ago. Just be sure to kick them towards the door to get a good tight fit.

    Also, I installed 3" screws in my strikeplates that go into the stud, and popped a few 3" screws into the hinges on the frame side.

    A determined burglar can still get in my house, but it will take longer and make a lot more noise.

    You can buy better and more expensive ones. It just depends on what makes you feel secure.
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    yes they work very well.
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    If they will let you install it, Door Jamb Armor is amazing! :D :righton:
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