A good birthday!

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Adam5, Oct 8, 2010.

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    Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it hanging around with my wife. She wanted to go to the Outlet Mall in Dawsonville, which normally means I hang around with her while she goes to Coach, Burbury, etc and looks at designer purses. After way less time than usual, she claims to be bored and I ask where she wants to go. She replies by asking if I want to go see Derek at 400 J&L. I told her that I would justy want to spend money if I went there and she reminded me that it was birthday after all.

    I was at 400 Jewelry and Loan a week ago looking at J-frames. They had stainless models for $350 + tax before the $50 rebate from S&W and knew which one I wanted. As I'm looking at it, Derek says to hang on a minute that he has an idea. He pulls out a used 638-3 that was traded in by a Dawson Co. deputy who used it for a bug. It's in near perfect shape with just a faint drag line on the cylinder and a slight scrape on one of the grips. He has it marked for $325 + tax. He tells me that I don't want to mess with the rebate, that I can have it for $300 OTD.

    I said yes, grabbed a Blackhawk pocket holster and asked for a box of cheap range ammo for now. As I'm filling out the 4473, my wife tells him that it's my birthday and he says in that case, just give him $310 even for the pistol and the $10 holster, and happy birthday, the ammo is on him. After we paid and got in the car, I looked in the bag, and not only did he give me a box of S&B range ammo, but he also gave me a box of 125+p Gold Dots for carry.

    This is why I will continue to go to Derek at 400 J&L for purchases. He always takes care of returning customers. It also shows that my wife really does know and love me.

    Now I just need to get this to the range!



  2. ClayD

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    Happy late bday! Looks pretty sweet.

  3. martin_j001

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    Very cool, happy birthday! I need to get me one of those too.
  4. ga_trucklvr

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    Nice gun!

    Happy Birthday!!

    Sounds like the wife is a keeper!! :righton: :lol:
  5. Ga_Regul8r

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    Happy birthday, Adam. Looks like it was a really good one. Does she have a sister? :lol:
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    Sweet Bday!! I've never been to 400j&L, but I'll be making a trip. Sounds like ol' Derek knows customer service! Now, where to get a fake ID that says my birthday is tomorrow..... :D