A brainless, self-serving NRA email

Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by jsmn4vu, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. jsmn4vu

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    The email in my inbox this morning started:

    "Over the past week, pollsters have identified 14 incumbent, anti-gun Congressmen who have gone from safe re-election to toss-up races. Each of these incumbents is being challenged by a pro-Second Amendment candidate."

    "Wow," I thought, "who are they?" Not a clue -- or even a link -- in the email. There was prominent mention of the need for additional donations to help get out the vote, but not a clue as to which 14 congressional seats had become opportunities.


    (I did happily find the following: "If you wish to be removed from this list please click this link and you will be removed immediately:" Yeah, that's it, that's the ticket!)
  2. BG_Atl

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    I got the same one this morning...

    First impression was the same as yours - look to see what races were in doubt....
    Second impression... "Ahhh... just another way for the NRA to ask for more money.."

    The link does nothing but take you to a donation site.. but then... why would I expect anything
    else from the NRA (and especially NRA-ILA !).

    So.... I think to myself... YEAH.. a donation would be a really good idea..

    TO GCO !!!