9mm Practice Ammo - 124gr NATO?

Discussion in 'Ammo' started by ChipM, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. ChipM

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    I typically carry a 124gr +p 9mm defense round. For practice, I'm typically shooting a 115gr standard-pressure FMJ. I noticed that Georgia Arms has 124gr NATO FMJ bulk ammo for $0.03/ea more than the 115gr.

    Would this be a better choice for practice as the performance might be closer to my carry round?
  2. ET.

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    It probably would be closer to the +p. I have about 300 rounds of Winchester Nato rounds in my safe. The research I've done on it tells me that the performance of the nato rounds are somewhere between standard 9mm & +p. I would think that nato rounds would have a slight effect on the guns life as it might put more stress on the gun from the added pressure. Plus the older I get the more I feel the recoil. Although I must not care very much because I shoot 357sig & 45ACP all the time. I have noticed that the nato rounds I have shot appear to be dirtier than the other rounds I shoot.

  3. 69953

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    I shot 100 rounds of Winchester 9mm NATO last time I was at the range. I had noticed the regular 115gr WWB seemed to shoot low, but the NATO or 124gr Federal range ammo seemed a little more accurate. NATO felt more like my carry round as well.
  4. gunsmoker

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    My Taurus 9mm has a strong preference for heavier bullets. They are more accurate and hit closer to the point of aim.
    The difference in group size between 115 gr. FMJ and 124 gr. FMJ or HP is easily seen even shooting from the unsupported standing position.
    Bottom line: Try some and see how your gun likes it, if it can handle the NATO or +P pressures.
  5. Signal 69

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    Unless they have changed their 9mm NATO is not up to NATO specs 124gr NATO out of 4in bbl moves 1300fps theirs is slower. When you go next time look at the 115gr fps their 124gr moves just as fast or a little more than the 115gr and they call it 9mm NATO. If you get the real deal the stamp at the bottom of bullet will have a wwc, not to say they can't load 124gr to 1300fps.

    Since the 9mm is small and moves fast in its FMJ configuration it zips straight through the body and no one stops attacking at least not right away. This is where shoot placement comes in, hit the three zones that make peolpe stop the 9mm will be just fine.

    I had some real 9mm NATO shot it all up would like to shoot some more but 115gr is cheaper.

    When you shoot 115gr and then 124gr you will be off some due to bullet weight if you have a zeroed pistol. But if you have your weapon for your personal protection and at the distances most self defense situations take place do not sweat it its not like you are trying to get 1 MOA out of your pistol.