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My dad bought this truck new and I bought it from him in 2010. It has 143k miles and is in very good condition. Truck is rust free and is in very good shape.

Since getting the truck I have installed a Dana 60 with Truetrac diff (all new steering components), Banks intercooler, BTS transmission (look it up if you aren't familiar) and an electric fuel system with a 99 - 2003 Ford Super Duty pump.

The truck has never been wrecked but I did have a right front blowout which did a little damage to the fender but it has been properly repaired. The tailgate has a dent from a trailer that popped up. Everything else is nice with a few scratches here and there as expected from a 19 year old truck.

Interior is solid with no rips or tears. It is a little dirty but I'll be working to clean it up this week.

I'll get better pics up later in the week once I have the truck cleaned up,

I'd like to get $12k for the truck. I'll be keeping the fuel tank/toolbox



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