'97 Ford ECLB 7.3 Powerstroke 4x4

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    My dad bought this truck new and I bought it from him in 2010. It has 143k miles and is in very good condition. Truck is rust free and is in very good shape.

    Since getting the truck I have installed a Dana 60 with Truetrac diff (all new steering components), Banks intercooler, BTS transmission (look it up if you aren't familiar) and an electric fuel system with a 99 - 2003 Ford Super Duty pump.

    The truck has never been wrecked but I did have a right front blowout which did a little damage to the fender but it has been properly repaired. The tailgate has a dent from a trailer that popped up. Everything else is nice with a few scratches here and there as expected from a 19 year old truck.

    Interior is solid with no rips or tears. It is a little dirty but I'll be working to clean it up this week.

    I'll get better pics up later in the week once I have the truck cleaned up,

    I'd like to get $12k for the truck. I'll be keeping the fuel tank/toolbox


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    This is the exact truck I've been looking for but I'm not in a place to buy it right now. Glws

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    Those trucks are dynamite, people love em. Some usual 7.3 stuff is the only wrong things other than it is rough to get at the turbo in the older body style. but the electric fuel system is a big plus, transmission is a huge plus. 143k is nothing for a well maintained 7.3.......

    I love my late 99, only wish it were a crew cab or an excursion.

    GLWS !
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    If anyone needs a great diesel mechanic PM me and I'll give you my guys number. I got ripped at the dealerships for years till I found this guy. He's factory certified and honest. I have a 2000 model 7.3 . 256,000 miles and still runs like a sewing machine. There's guys on the Diesel forum that have a million miles on their maintained 7.3 's . Best truck motor ever made. GLWS !
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    Sold...going to miss this truck