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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by fran, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. fran

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    Narrowed down my choices for an AK to three models and keep reading about 922 number of American parts. If we don't have an AWB anymore does it really serve a purpose to have this federal regulation anymore? Did it ever serve any purpose?
  2. GAGunOwner

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    The American made parts rule is different than the old federal AWB. They are two different things.

  3. GAGunOwner

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    Does a law have to make sense?

    It serves the purpose of the anti-gunners. One more charge to charge someone (unually only used on otherwise law-abiding citizens) with. One more gun-control law. More guns "off the street."
  4. fran

    fran New Member

    I was wondering if the "need" for that the was applicable anymore. I do think the above post probably summed it up about just making things difficult for owners.
  5. gunsmoker

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    The Gun Control Act of 1968 needs to be amended to get rid of the requirement that guns be "sporting" to be imported.
    Self-defense and military weapons should be allowed, whether capable of being used for sporting purposes or not.
    Whether they are "sporterized" or could be modified that way, it should not matter.

    The only restriction should be on those imported weapons that would be regulated under the National Firearms Act-- machineguns, short-barreled rifles, etc.
  6. GAGunOwner

    GAGunOwner Active Member

    Why should these weapons not be allowed to be imported for those that want to jump through the NFA hoops? :sly:
  7. Fallschirmjäger

    Fallschirmjäger I watch the watchers

    "sawn off"/short barreled shotguns are regulated because they "have little or no application to military purposes" and firearms that are eminently applicable for military purposes (Garands, M1 carbines, AKM's) are being stopped fro import because the "aren't sporting". I thought the Second Amendment was about a free and armed People, not about "sports and hunting."
  8. 175FO

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    That's what the government says, but short barrel shotguns are actually very useful for military purposes. Our door breaching shotguns were remington 870's with about an 8'' barrel. Perfect for shooting locks out and quickly transitioning to an M-4.
  9. GAGunOwner

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    I think he is almost sarcastically paraphrasing Miller.
  10. CoffeeMate

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    The GCA and NFA... two things which somehow magically comply with "...shall not be infringed..." :screwy:
  11. Phil1979

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    Is one of them a Century Arms GP 1975? I think you'll be GTG concerning 922 with it. That's the one I plan to get one day.