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I think that this sentence was too harsh. After all, the shooter was an LEO. A written reprimand in his file should have sufficed. ... news06.txt

Norman mistook Erin Hamley for a Michigan prison escapee and shot him as the 21-year-old afflicted with cerebral palsy lay on the ground near the shoulder of U.S. 412 west of Tontitown.
. . .
“I mistook this young man’s actions as threatening toward me and the other officers and I made the mistake of acting on this misunderstanding, sir,†Norman told Keith during the May proceedings.

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I wasn't there, so I shouldn't be making a judgment, but...

I think he got off rather lightly.

Yeah, it ruined his career, but didn't affect his retirement.

He'll spend a few months in prison, but the other guy is DEAD! forever.

Somehow, that just doesn't seem right.

But, like I said, I wasn't there. So, I guess I should give the cop the benefit of a doubt. OK, I did and it still seems a little light. Maybe not. I guess I should trust the judge's decision on this. Really wish I knew more than the, probably incomplete, news report.

Sad situation for all concerned.

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