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To me, this reads like a list of who the government knows it is ticking off and doesn't want around.
Even more scary when you realize if they wanted you gone all they would have to do is pull this crap and you'd be in a hole somewhere, no due process, no way to get out, no way for anyone to know where you are.

Seriously, go look at the FISA Secret Government court and tell me how that works.

Due process is gone now as long as they can call you one of these "terrorist."

We have become the collectivist Marxist, Socialist, Communist Hell that we said was so terrible for so many years. Thanks Bush and Obama. NDAA did this, right? Patriot Act just started it.

We're so screwed in the future. If the government wants to disappear you because you become annoying, it appears its fairly easy. Maybe they'll let you go after 20 years of keeping you in some whole if you're lucky, since obviously, you never actually hurt anyone.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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