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7.62x54r ammo to be wary of.

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In the past year I've become a fan of the mosin rifles, learning as much as I can. Some on forums, others on blogs, and even more at the range.

Well I did learn/confirm something on Wensday at the range, don't shot 7.62 Bulgarian with red wax primers. This is belted ammo and very hot loaded. I show five round only and got three split cartirdge cases. Sadly, I had bought 60 rounds of the stuff and afraid to shoot anymore of it.

Not sure if the stuf would be any good in a SVD, but don't why not. Too bad I don't have one. Guess I just found a reason to locate one and try it out.
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More info on Bulgarian ammo

Jmark said:
You would be crazy to try this with an SVD type rifle. BTW, what grain is this round? The SVD type rifles are designed to shoot the 150grn loads.
The ammo is Heavy Ball 181 grain. As for the head space and bolt locking up,asked by another, it is okay. Didn't know that, about the SVD, thanks learned something new.
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