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6th Circuit rules MENTAL HEALTH ban on gun ownership might violate the 2A

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A divided federal appeals court ruled that a decades-old federal law indefinitely banning people committed to mental health treatment from owning a gun could violate the Second Amendment.

The Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday revived a lawsuit filed by a Michigan man who failed a background check while attempting to buy a gun in 2011. Clifford C. Tyler had been committed to a mental institution 25 years earlier but since has received a clean bill of health.......
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Had to read this because could not figure out what state was MH.
No state has an outright ban on gun ownership but under Federal provisions those adjudicated as mentally incompetent or those who have been involuntarily committed can not buy or possess firearms. The 6th Circuit has opened the door to ruling on this issue.
MH? Is that Michi Hampshire?
I always thought that Michigan was MI, but I could be wrong.
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