5.45x39mm corrosive 7N6 ammo

Discussion in 'Ammo' started by CBH, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. CBH

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    I know importation was halted on this ammo but is it still popular? Any idea what a opened can of 1,080 rounds would bring?

    I was offered an AR in this caliber but do not want the corrosive ammo.

  2. After the import was banned, I want to say $230-250 shipped was a common price for a sealed tin. With the current market you could probably still get that price.

  3. Nemo

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    Use the corrosive ammo. A solvent with cleaning afterward and you should good.

    Its the primers that have a compound that absorbs moisture, so it holds a wet spot in the bore and action area that can cause rust spots. Take care of those crud spots soon after and don't let them go a month or 4 and you should be good.

    Its not like the primers spew out sulfuric acid or anything.