$43k - Can you pay your share of the national debt?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by AEKDB, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. AEKDB

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    What if we called our own debt. Each person pony up $43,000 or get out. Of course it is more complicated than this. Many people hold debt so it would be netted. Then there are laws requiring insurance companies to own US debt. But for the sake or argument...Pay up or get out!

    While we are at it, each person should pay their share of annual government expenditures calculated as (total government spending)/(total people in US). This comes to about $11,500 per person (2009 budget/2008 population). Remember there are no other Federal taxes (gas, aviation, phone, payroll, etc.). Pay this amount each year or get out!


    End libertarian rant :rant:
  2. HydroAuto

    HydroAuto GPDO Commonlaw Spouse

    So $43k to get out of the hole we're in, and then $11.5k/ year thereafter to stay out of the hole? Before I signed up for anything I'd need a guarantee that the government would live within its means, or heads would roll. (literally)

  3. Editingfx

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    Can I put that $43K on a credit card?
  4. gunsmoker

    gunsmoker Lawyer and Gun Activist

    Can somebody give me a credit card with a $45,000 limit and a special introductory rate of 0.0% for the first 50 years?
    If so, sign me up and I'll do my share to pay off the national debt.

    (If Dave Ramsey heard me say this, he'd hunt me down and put me in a strait jacket.)
  5. jlcnuke

    jlcnuke New Member

    Can I get a refund for the excess I've been paying each year above my individual amount? If so that alone would cover my immediate amount and keep me from dipping into my savings/investments to pay the 43k.
  6. BG_Atl

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    +1 AND +1 again...
  7. Nullifier

    Nullifier Active Member

    It is not "my" debt...I sure as heck did not authorize the government to spend MY money on things I did not need and did not want. They STOLE that money from me.

    This is like if a thief stole your credit card and bought a new car with it, then sent you an additional bill for the gas, insurance and car tag for the car that the thief bought with YOUR money.
  8. EJR914

    EJR914 Cheezburger Operator

    And yet many here will never get it. Keep voting for the Republican and Democrats... see where that gets us. :x
  9. CR2008

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    Not just that, but I don't expect a one day old infant to pay $43,000 any time soon... AND the REAL dept is more than this, when taken into consideration "unfunded liabilities." They keep fibbing the numbers, just like the unemployment numbers, they tell you that they are about 10% but the REAL number is almost 2 times greater... they can't tell the people the facts and have to keep them ignorant.
  10. AEKDB

    AEKDB New Member

    I do. To be clear, I expect the parents to pay or the infant gets out. If you want to be with the kid then get out too. We can not have exceptions and a moocher is a moocher regardless of age. It is about :censored: time having kids has consequences.

    Like how the government requires insurance companies to use your premium dollars to buy US debt to cover claims. Default or massive inflation to devalue government debt is a tax on insurance reserves and retirement accounts.

    I'm in a really pissed off libertarian mood today. :evil:
  11. CountryGun

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    Since we're fighting for churches be treated no differently than other private businesses, ..........................tax them! Do you realize that tax revenues, from churches, would pay off our national debt in one year? Osmond Brothers Studio?........................pay up!

    There is so much dumped into the economy, in the name of churches, and not one dollar is taxed. Churches are very big business!
  12. MesaCranker

    MesaCranker Active Member

    How about the :3hat:s in Washington pay this debt out of pocket or GTFO since they're the ones who were spending it all willy nilly? Oh, that would be impossible? Then they can all GTFO. Problem somewhat solved.
  13. TippinTaco

    TippinTaco New Member

    why doesnt the UNITED STATES just create a F'ing lottery and allow the whole country to play... One things for sure even people down on their last dollar.. will spend it on a lottery ticket. then pull the all time move that every ticket is a loser...

    As for me paying $43,000, cant take what I don't have and lets face it thats more than most honest men make in a yearly salary... So now you're not only taking the farm but you're taking the horse and mule as well. It's ideas like this that make me worry about this nation... I pay taxes every year, every day and every time I prchase something. Keep sticking your hands in my pocket, don't be surprised when I pistol whip someone. Greedy @#[email protected]#[email protected]#$. I make a decent salary, but after the IRS, state taxes and property taxes, I'm probably shy of making what a non-educated moron makes working at mcdonalds. It's not fair... And just walking outside the box: The only ppl that will be able to afford it will be people who have money saved or people who make a REALLY nice salary. As far as thats concerned I'll leave and take my family with me, wtf would want to live in a country where money buys your freedom and your rights... You forget middle class built this country, we can destroy it too :D
  14. zephyr57

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    We owe a lot of money to other countries.... we could uh.. just NOT pay it. But that would just wind up pretty bad unless we were prepared to be able to live w/o importing anything.
  15. lynx

    lynx Member

    If you could pay the $43,000, would you feel like you had gotten your money's worth?
  16. 45_Fan

    45_Fan Well-Known Member

    The only check and balance in play here is the hope that one is long gone when the bill comes due. "Look at what I brought into the district" will beat that every single time.

    My view:
    Federal fiscal responsibility cannot be driven by directly elected Congress members because pork projects are "now" events and debt repayments are "then" events. This is the same reason large companies tend to perform poorly over the long term when executive management is only rewarded on the basis of quarterly performance.

    The challenge:
    Create a useful series of checks and balances that apply at the federal level.

    The difficulty:
    A balanced budget amendment is not on the table.
    No single fiscal entity should be able to flex monetary muscle and control the federal government.
    Deficit spending and bonds should still be allowed when necessary (you define necessary).
    No earned and promised benefit can be taken from those that paid for it (example: Social Security).

    Assume that private entities will not cover all valid cases of need and extreme hardship.
  17. AEKDB

    AEKDB New Member

    If those who don't leave, then yes, I would feel like it was worth the money. We'll call the years of free loading a parting gift.

    Why don't we just not tax businesses? All they do is pass the tax burden on to the owners (teachers' pensions), employees (lower salaries), or to consumers (higher prices). Yes, teachers collectively, through their pensions, are one of the largest owners of American companies yet they line up like brain-dead sheep to vote for Democrats who establish policies reducing returns on teacher retirement accounts. :screwy:
  18. AEKDB

    AEKDB New Member

    I know the feeling but we need to do something. A pay or get out policy would work wonders on eliminating the moochers. If you are a productive member of society employers, friends, and family would find the money for you to stay. If you know you are worth more than $43k you will find a way to stay. If you are a worthless freeloader, no one will lend you money to pay the $43k, and it is time to pack your bags.

    About money buying freedom, what is it buying you now? Make no mistake, the $43k is your money and you will pay it back through inflation, lower quality of life, and/or higher taxes. This money was taken from you by force, and what exactly do you have to show for it?
  19. TippinTaco

    TippinTaco New Member

    sure it would eliminate the moochers, but it will also get rid of the people who cant pay $43k each as well. I work a full time salaried job, I make a good living, as does my wife. If you were to knock on my door today and ask for the 43k I would pack my crap and leave. I've lost 2 jobs back to back in this economy and have amazingly got through this scratched and barely beaten but we felt it. We bought homes within our means, we paid off our cars, we did get a tad bit behind on our mortgage but we prospered through it all. But because I can't cough up 86k for my wife and I you're going to kick me out of the country that my father served proudly and lost his health to? Sorry man but your idea needs to have alot of attention to it, and just like our government start adding some catch 22's to it. I pay taxes, I pay my mortgage, I DIDNT GET OUT COUNTRY INTO THIS MESS. If you want to stop all welfare programs, stop unemployeement, stop all spending that sgeared to giving people free crap then thats great!! Do it!! Hell I tried getting help and I was denied!! These programs were created to help the worst of the worst, moms with 10 kids, mexicans that are here illegally, families that have lived on welfare for their entire lives. STOP TAKING CARE OF THOSE PEOPLE AND GIVE THE HELP IF ANY AT ALL TO THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTE TO OUR SOCIETY!!

    Not saying now, but if you remove the people who actually contribute to this country and those who try not to screw it over day in and day out, you will be left witht hose who have more money than common sense, and those that just have enough to pay the 43k a piece. Money is a huge influence in our government at this point, and it seems to buy votes, laws and opinions. Imagine a counrty where the wealthy is the majority. Even if i could pay the bill i would still leave on that note.