4100 Lumens flashlight

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    Yeah, that's not a mistake. I watch this guy on Youtube who calls himself KipKay. He makes custom gadgets. Anyhow, I saw on a old video of his where he was giving away lasers that can burn through things (contest already over). I checked out the website of the manufacturer and apparently these people also sell a 4100 Lumens flashlight for 200 bucks. The battery lasts 5 minutes :lol:. I have never dealt with this company so I don't know their business practices and am not endorsing these people. Thought it was cool though (minus that battery life). What do you guys think?


    Here is the light cooking an egg.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsIHyRyE ... re=related
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    I had the chance to play with Surefire's 'Hellfighter' crew-serve weapon light while I was in Iraq a couple years ago. Thats only 3000 lumens! :lol:


    At least this one comes with a power cable to hook it up to a 12 volt battery or a vehicle's cigarette lighter receptacle.

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    You guys should come down to my new job at Going Gear in Smyrna, we have a huge flashlight display where you can try them all. Ranging from 10 lumen lights to 2200 lumens. We also have a website.
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    Are you the guy who rang me up I think it was Thurs, about 5pm? It was your first time and called the boss? I was looking for a Flash I...

    Either way, good to see you on here. I actually posted about Going Gear the other day viewtopic.php?f=4&t=55830