400 Jewelry and Loan - S&W Bodyguard .380 deal

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    This might be old news, and maybe not confined to 400 J&L, but worth mentioning if anyone is looking for a slim pocket .380 with integrated laser. I do not know how this model was priced when first released, but during my weekend trip to 400 J&L I handled this gun for the first time and was struck by the price.

    $349 NIB, comes with one magazine & a discreet carry case.


    My father in law had been researching this family of guns - he found himself often leaving the full size XD at home because of the bulk. Now he'll never be unarmed (at least, as long as he avoids the places off limits). I almost bought one myself, but discipline stayed my hand - I'm saving for my first .45 (read Springfield TRP)!
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    +1!! Good guys up there!! :love: