400 Jewelry and Loan - Mossberg 500

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    Finally got some closure on the thread above. My friend purchased her first gun at 400 Jewelry and Loan. It did not take much coaxing to get her to move up from .410 (the boxotruth link was very helpful in making that point). She skipped right over 20 ga and moved up to a 12 gauge. She went to Bullseye and fired about a dozen rounds on the same day - just to remove the "shroud of mystery". She's learned a lot, plus she bought a cleaning kit and snap caps to further familiarize herself. Now she's happy and confident that she can defend her kids!

    Thanks a lot to the staff at 400 J&L, in particular Lee, who patiently spent the better part of his morning teaching my friend the basics of handling a pump shotgun for home defense. It was his advice on low recoil defense loads that helped convince her that she need not be intimidated by the 12 gauge.

    Lee, if you're on this forum, thanks again. You helped awaken one more local household to the virtue of self defense & the 2nd Amendment!
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