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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by bbruce, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. bbruce

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    I was about to order the 500 Rd. Canned Heat from a local dealer, but wanted to get anyone’s opinion about Georgia Arms ( http://www.georgia-arms.com/canned_heat.htm ). I have never used this ammo, but have heard mixed results on it. The only other place I can get 357 SIG in town cost me around $17 for a 50rd box. :(
  2. Rammstein

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    I was considering getting 1K rounds of 9mm canned heat from GA, but I did the math and it was cheaper to buy 1K WWB rounds from wally world. I'd like to try them out, but not if it is gonna cost me an extra ~$20.

  3. Foul

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    If I'm not mistaken that's what I bought up at the range the last time I made it up there.
    .38 wad cutters. IF that was the brand, I had no problems with them at all in my revolver. Seemed pretty accurate at 7 to 12 yards.

    The guts and head of my target unfortunately didn't survive...
  4. foshizzle

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    I've shot tons of their ammo. It's good stuff, even if it is reloads. I think 110$ for 500 .357sig is a great deal. I would stop short of using it for 9mm and .38 as that ammo is dirt cheap elsewhere...

    Might get it cheaper at a funshow if they don't tax you... I saw them at the show last weekend but bought from another retailer... I don't know if they charge tax at shows or not. Might get it a tad cheaper if you roll there and pick it up yourself too, who knows.

    If I'm not mistaken they also give you a credit for used brass you bring in.
  5. triggerman357

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    I bought a 500 rd 40s&w can this weekend for $100 + $7 tax. I bought some their ammo before and only had 1 dud out of a 100 rds. I wouldn't use any for personal defense, leave that to Speer and and Hornady. About 90% of the casings are stamped SPEER.
  6. rajl

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    Everything I've heard about Georgia Arms has been postive. They have a national following, and I know of people as far away as Arizona buying ammo from them. It's reloads, but good stuff.
  7. merlock

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    G-A ammo is all I use to practice with.

    ~1200 rounds, not a single dud.
  8. Doc Holliday

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    They are located about 3 miles from my house. Heard good stuff about them but since I shoot so much 9mm it is cheaper to get WWB...for now.
  9. Malum Prohibitum

    Malum Prohibitum Moderator Staff Member

    I use them. It is good practice ammo.

    I would not use their stuff for rifle competition, though. I have shot their match ammo - it is pretty good for practice, but I got unexplained flyers every fifth or sixth round that I do not get with a round like Federal Gold Medal Match or with handloads. A flyer that common would simply ruin your score.
  10. Dadx4

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    Very good people .... between my 2 sons and myself, we have burned through over 3k rounds of 9mm, .380, .357 mag, and .45 acp without even one hiccup, and after testing a few hundred rounds , I use their HP defensive rounds as carry ammo. I cannot say as much for Winchester white box.

    They have excellent customer service and even offered to give me and a friend (who is a big reloader) a tour of their operation.

    I know Wally World has a bit lower price, but I like supporting local small companies. I don't trust the Wally Worlds to care about me - especially since my local unit suddenly got rid of all guns and most ammo.