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Student was shot in the back and he didn't know
ROSELAND | De La Salle senior: 'I'm just happy that I'm here'
April 12, 2007
Crime Reporter/[email protected]

Cameron Kelly is a young man of muscle and discipline, his family says.
The 6-foot-3, 250-pound shot-putter, discus-thrower and runner at the De La Salle Institute earns A's and B's and wants to study computer technology at Northern Michigan University next year.

Cameron Kelly, shown in his school letter jacket at left, heard a gunshot but didn't realize he had been hit until he got to school.
(Al Podgorski/Sun-Times)

On Wednesday morning, on his way to track practice, Cameron was strong enough to take a bullet in his back and walk away -- traveling more than 60 blocks for more than 30 minutes to De La Salle before even realizing he had been shot.

'I think I've been shot'Cameron, 17, said he heard a gunshot as he was crossing 95th Street at State to board the Red Line L to get to the school at 35th and Michigan. He felt a slight pain in his chest, but didn't see blood and kept going, eager to get to practice. When he took off his coat in the locker room, a teammate told him his shirt was red with blood.
He called his mother, Trina Wright, who was sitting at her desk at the Cook County Criminal Courts building, where she works as a sheriff's officer. "Mom,'' he said. "Don't get worried. I think I've been shot in the back.''

Wright's husband and Cameron's father -- who also works for the Cook County Sheriff's Department -- joined Wright at Cameron's side at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. The bullet was still wedged in his back muscles.

'He's hard as a rock'"I'm just happy that I'm here now,'' he said, lying on his back wrapped in white blankets, his feet dangling over the end of the bed. "I'm just happy that I'm here, and that I'm OK.'' Wright thinks the bullet was small caliber -- perhaps a .22-caliber -- and that Cameron's De La Salle jacket probably slowed the bullet. His parents also point to Cameron's mental and physical strength.
"He's hard as a rock. He's a true meteor,'' his dad, Leroy Kelly, said with a proud laugh, referring to the De La Salle team name. "The fact that he was calm, cool and collected comes from discipline. From the school and his parents.''
Cameron, who lives in South Holland with his mom, sister and stepfather, said he remembered seeing three people -- one with a bloody nose -- after his grandmother dropped him off at the 95th Street CTA stop about 9 a.m.
As he crossed the street, he heard a loud pop and realized it was a gunshot. He asked a woman if he had been shot. She said no. He felt a pain in his chest -- like someone had punched him -- but assumed it was nerves because the shot had startled him.
He got on a train, put his head in his hands and thanked God he was OK.
The soft-spoken teen isn't exactly sure how he got to school with a gunshot wound. "I made it all the way from 95th,'' he said. "I just dealt with it. I wanted to go to practice.''

'De La Salle men are tough'Chicago Police were reviewing videotape from the CTA and continuing to investigate the shooting Wednesday. Cameron's doctor told the family that for now, it would be risky to remove the bullet from his back. But because it's lodged in his left side and Cameron throws with his right hand, he plans to return to the field.
Lawrence A. Blakley, executive vice president of the school, said he wasn't surprised to hear that. "De La Salle men are tough.''

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Sine Nomen said:
glockgirl said:
now that's a man!!! :shock: dude if I get shot I will cry like a baby
Will that be because the gunshot hurt, or because you will have exterminated the SOB that had the audacity to shoot you?
crying is how I deal with stressful situations... I can't control it... it just happens. Cop pulls me over I cry... someone at work makes me mad I cry (and throw stuff)... it is a very aggravating trait to say the least.

now if I had the chance to shoot back I wouldn't cry... I am an adrenaline junkie so I do ok with that in the moment... as soon as the adrenaline is gone then the crying starts again.

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You'll probably wont believe me, but I knew a football player back in high school that was shot. His name was Paul and we both had the same Geometery class together. He was always in class, never missed a day. Then one day he doesn't come to class. He was out of school for well over a week. When he came back he told everyone what had happened to him.

Paul was hauling off an old refridgerator from his house. As he was driving down the road, some po-dung ******* thought it would be fun to shoot at the refridgerator in the back of this guy's truck while driving down the road. The bullet entered the refridgerator, ricochet, and ended up striking Paul in the back of the head. The bullet hit him with enough force that it knocked him out and he ended in a ditch on the side of the road. They caught the stupid ******* that shot him and charged him with aggrevated assault of course.

Nobody believed Paul, but the very next day he brought in the local paper with the story in it. Everyone thought he was indestructible after that. Even the teacher would joke with him about taking a bullet in the head. I do remember, that even though he survived being shot in head, his motor coordination wasn't all there. The whites in both of his eyes were red with blood and the area around his eyes were black as if he he had been hit with a nine iron. I don't know what that bullet did when it hit his cranium, but it obviously had enough force to seriously black'en his eyes despite being hit in the back of the head.

He was shot with a .45ACP pistol

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Malum Prohibitum said:
[quote="ICP_Juggalo":3o5xgw7l]He was shot with a .45ACP pistol
So, it may not have knockdown power, but it has knockout power.[/quote:3o5xgw7l]

Even after going through a refridgerator :shock:

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Dan H said:

He is not human.....he must be a CYBORG!!

*Queue Terminator Theme*
I think I remember him in a Star Trek episode. 8)
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