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But we all know that it's not necessary to lock up guns around kids.
Teenagers are responsible enough to have their own firearms and ammo, kept in their bedrooms or otherwise unsecured, right?
Everybody says "other people's sons may be trouble, but I know my boy would never do something bad with a gun."
And we can all keep saying it.
Because, once again, it was somebody else's son that went nuts with a gun.

Every now and then, a teenager uses a gun in self-defense to fight off a home invader.

But even more often, a teenager uses a gun for suicide or unlawful homicide, robbery, or aggravated assault.
Its called parenting. Every child is different and YOU have to know your child. At 14 mine did not have access to firearms. Not because I thought she couldn't handle it, but because she didn't need it. She wouldn't stay home alone at that age. So the subject never came up. Once she started staying home alone it became an issue. At 17 I trust her more than some adults I know.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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