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  1. S&W 40

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    Can anyone answer me this question (other than that is what they want us to think).

    If the antis say the 2nd refers to the military/national guard and not the general public then what gives the authority for the ATF, FBI, SS, State police and all the other state/local law enforcement officers?

    Yes I know that they exist because of laws passed and all but if you read the 2nd and interpret it like they do then they LEO also should not have weapons,,, correct?
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    Duh! They're more professional than us mere peons.

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    One of my friends in college who later became pro-2a and a republican (after going to law school oddly enough) once told me that he thought that gun control would ideally mean that regular folks and LEOs wouldn't have guns. I told him he was an idiot and then about 4 years later he was excited about the fact that I had just bought an AK.

    However, if you follow their contrive interpretation of the 2nd my guess is that police, etc. could still have guns under the police power of the state. It doesn't really matter because if the 2nd was reduced to their interpretation we would have no rights and they could do whatever they wanted. (Not that much stops them now anyway)
  4. GAGunOwner

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    Under this interpretation police would not have a right to have guns but they would have the legal authority to have them at the whim of the legislature.
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    I've often thought that a state/local police department should challenge the NFA in court on 2nd amendment grounds because even they have to register their NFA weapons. Fed LEO NFA guns do not have to be registered in the NFRTR.

    Does the federal gov't have the authority to force the state's to register their (police guns) guns? This is exactly what they are doing.