2081 Movie - A Chilling Look At The Future

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    You can see the Free Movie Trailer here, as well as rent the 25 minute movie for two dollars.


    I rented the movie, and I'm proud to say it was worth every penny of it. If you loved 1984 and Atlas Shrugged, you'll love this. Its much shorter, more compact, but just as hard hitting and meaningful.

    The summary of the movie, is that in 2081, the government has finally made everyone equal. Not equal opportunity, but equal outcomes. It is enforced by a brutal United States government. The images are powerful and very intriguing.

    I believe this all came about due to John Rawls', A Theory of Justice.

    From the official website:

    So the next time you hear one of our politicians talking about making everything "equal," and making sure everything is "FAIR," just keep this in mind.

    This movie is not to be taken literally of course, but rather as a parable. Parables are of course meant to impart a profound and lasting impression. There is a very clear underlining meaning that only when we are free, are we really ever allowed to become all that we can be. Only when free are we allowed to become extraordinary.
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    I remember when the movie was first announced, but I forgot about it until then. Now I gotta rent it.
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    i watched that for free a while back...its lonnng and drawn out but it was ok
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    (Spoilers) I would say PG-13 would be a good rating. There is no foul language, there is no sexual content, there is no actually violence that is seen on the screen. Only implied violence, with a SWAT Team. No actual death or gore is shown on the screen. They do show a fake bomb.

    The SWAT team is seen forcefully taking a young man out of his room, and the SWAT team do have guns. That is the most violence that is seen. Along with the implied violence at the end, but the screen turns to pure white just as the gun is raised, so you don't even see a gun fire or anything.

    I hope that helps, MP. I would show it to a young teenager maybe. Some of the SWAT team footage may be disturbing to a very young child. Also, some of the parable and images may be lost on too young of a child.
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    I didn't think 25 minutes was too long, if anything I thought the short movie was a little too brief.