2021-22 SB 2 Disposition of Property Seized; law enforcement agencies; the option to destroy or sell

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    SB 2
    Disposition of Property Seized; law enforcement agencies; the option to destroy or sell certain firearms; provide


    No.Number in list Name District
    1. Jackson, Lester 2nd
    2. Jones, Emanuel 10th
    3. Harbison, Ed 15th
    4. Rahman, Sheikh 5th
    5. Rhett, Michael 'Doc' 33rd

    House Committee:
    Senate Committee:
    Public Safety Committee

    First Reader Summary
    A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Article 3 of Chapter 5 of Title 17 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to disposition of property seized, so as to provide law enforcement agencies the option to destroy or sell certain firearms; to revise procedures for the disposition of certain firearms in custody of law enforcement agencies; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.

    Status History

    Date Status
    01/12/2021 Senate Hopper
    01/12/2021 Referred to Public Safety Committee
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    This is a big thorn in their side, but why? I cannot figure out why this is a big deal for anti-gun politicians, other than perhaps they believe the gun itself is an evil instrument and should not be back in private hands through lawful channels.

    Is there another reasonable basis for this legislation?

    What is the evil being remedied in this bill?
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    Do counties (or whoever is in control of seized property) have the option for other property to dispose of as they wish?

    If they have this option, why not give them the same option with firearms? Whatever the rule is for non-firearm seized property, should be the same for firearms.
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    No, we specifically got it this way a few years back. We made it specifically so that counties, cities and municipalities police could not simply destroy firearms but had to return them (if they could and it was lawful) or sell them.

    This was done not too long ago and it has been a thorn in some socialist politicians side every since.

    Why should we again have to vote on something such as this when it was just voted on and put in place?
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