2019 - SB 131 'Georgia Major Airport Authority Act

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    I put this bill on the GA Laws section since it's not DIRECTLY gun law related.
    I do wonder if this will lead to yet another issue of Public/Private property rights this time for the Airports.

    2019-2020 Regular Session - SB 131 'Georgia Major Airport Authority Act'

    Sponsored By

    (1) Jones, Burt 25th(2) Beach, Brandon 21st(3) Mullis, Jeff 53rd
    (4) Harper, Tyler 7th(5) Brass, Matt 28th(6) Dugan, Mike 30th



    First Reader Summary

    A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Title 6 of the O.C.G.A., relating to aviation, so as to create the Georgia Major Airport Authority; to amend Article 1 of Chapter 15 of Title 45 of the O.C.G.A., to general provisions relative to the Attorney General, so as to provide for representation of the Georgia Major Airport Authority by the Attorney General; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.

    Status History

    Feb/19/2019 - Senate Hopper

    54 6-6-4. 55 (a) There is created a body corporate and politic to be known as the Georgia Major Airport 56 Authority which shall be deemed to be an instrumentality of the state and a public 57 corporation, and by that name, style, and title the body may contract and be contracted 58 with, implead and be impleaded, and bring and defend actions in all courts