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The GUPPY Award honors and celebrates community leaders who preserve and advance gun control in Georgia.

For Immediate Release:
03-25-2006 Contact Communications:
(404) 865-8000
Atlanta, GA. â€" Criminals can breath another sigh of relief thanks to this year’s Guppy Award honorees. Thanks to their tireless efforts, the laws that make honest Georgians defenseless prey to violent predators are still on the books.

The 2006 GUPPY Awards go to:

1st GUPPY â€" Governor Sonny Perdue

Governor Perdue single handedly “slapped a lid†on efforts to decriminalize the possession of guns. He lived up to his promise that the NRA will pay for their endorsement of former Governor Barnes during the election of 2002. You can read about how he closed the coffin on gun owners in Georgia at this web link:
Governor Slaps A Lid On Concealed Carry Reform

2nd GUPPY â€" House Rules Committee Chairman Earl Ehrhart (R-Powder Springs)

Representative Ehrhart was an unexpected surprise nominee. He clearly earned his 2nd GUPPY award by not allowing three dangerous bills out of his committee. Following his leadership, his committee murdered:

HB 998, the Parking Lot Gun Bill
HB 1001 "Right to Carry" in the Car Bill
HB 1439 Emergency Gun Confiscation Repeal Bill

We are excited about his fondness of prohibiting Georgians to possess guns. Like in New Orleans in 2005, we look forward to the day when the Georgia National Guard and US Army can go door to door confiscating firearms. Thanks to Chairman Ehrhart, that sunny day is still possible.

3rd GUPPY - Representive Robert Mumford (R-Conyers)

Representative Mumford, a long time accomplice of our organization, valiantly fought to kill SB396 â€" Stand Your Ground Bill in committee. He bravely tried to kill the popular legislation by amending it with meaningless language. This is usually an effective legislative trick to stop legislation that leaves no fingerprints. Defeated but not beaten, we can continue to count on Representative Mumford to keep gun-control alive and safe in Georgia.

Matt Hulbert, President of Georgia United for Peace (GUP), commented “Congratulations to this year’s recipients: Governor Perdue, Rep. Ehrhart, and Rep. Mumford. Through their efforts Georgians will continue to be innocent until proven gun owner.â€

He continued, “A middle aged woman being stalked by a violent ex-husband still will be prohibited from having a weapon in her car at work, thus making her easy prey during her commute. Our gang members will be able to safely continue their gang initiation rights on MARTA as they assault random riders. A young woman walking to meet her friends at a neighborhood bar will continue to be defenseless, assuring the safety of the rapist. These are the goals of Georgia United for Peace.â€

Spokesman Gary Ridgway closed the awards announcement by stating, “Like Jim Brady of the Brady Campaign, all of this years honorees are Republicans and claim to be pro-2nd Amendment. We won’t forget their efforts on behalf of the members of Georgia United for Peace, and we hope neither does Georgia.â€

Georgians United for Peace (GUP) is a non-profit organization of incarcerated innocent men who have been viciously attacked while they ply their chosen profession. All Georgians should be free from the fear of violence regardless of whether they are violating the law or assaulting the defenseless.
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