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gunsmoker said:
But Lawdog said that 30,000 gun deaths per year is miniscule compared to fatalities in motor vehicle crashes.
Like Lawdog says, statistics lie because they're always manipulated. 30,000 gun deaths per year is a meaningless number.

Of all the gun deaths in any given year, only about 1000-1500 of them are accidental gun deaths. If you're going to compare motor vehicle accident fatalities, one should be comparing them to firearm accident fatalities (which btw, are at an all time low despite gun ownership being at an all time high).

The vast majority of gun deaths come from 1) suicides (of which the statistics of those that would've killed themselves via other means is not available), 2) murders (the majority of which are committed with illegally obtained guns anyways), and 3) defensive gun use (which should not be part of a negative statistic on gun deaths at all).

Since the counterargument by anti's to a comparison to auto fatality statistics is that cars provide a benefit in allowing people to get to work, school, etc., and that accident fatalities are a necessary side effect of that benefit, it is only fair to point out to them that they've completely failed to account for the benefits of gun ownership. The lives that have been saved from instances of defensive gun use (which number in the millions each year, with no shots being fired in most cases), should be subtracted out from the "cost" in gun deaths.
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