2 unrelated armed robberies in athens

Discussion in 'In the News' started by glockgirl, Apr 1, 2007.

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    I swear there seems to be more of this stuff lately or I am just reading more about it...

    and then another
    so I am wondering.... what do ya'll do when an unknown person approaches you and asks for money? or how close do you let an unknown person get to you. I tend not to let anyone closer than about 10 feet unless I know them. If they ask for money I tend to ignore them or say sorry don't have any which is not a lie, I only carry a credit card.... so how does one prevent these things.

    granted these happened in less than diserable locations but the north avenue one is close to were I used to work parttime at night.
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    Try to remain vigilant about your surroundings.
    In car keep windows up and doors locked.
    If on foot, maybe crossing street to see if they pursue, if they follow, then I would consider it a threat if there is no where to retreat to.

    Not sure if that was any help, just my opinion

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    I agree with maddog on those points. I wouldnt roll windows down for anybody. However I do usually have my window down during warmer weather.

    Its all judgement call I would say. I have only had 3 or 4 occurances with people approaching my truck. Usually my piece is on my hip with one hand on it in these cases. I usually try to avoid it by rolling windows up before they get anywhere close. That has worked in the times I mentioned. They usually turn away at that point.