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2 people shot in downtown brunswick....

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so a little while ago 2 people were shot about 3 blocks from my house...this is crazy it has to be drug related....score one another win for the war on sure this will be in the news tomorrow or the next day i dont believe anyone is dead but i dont know for sure
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finally a link... ... -100210-HR

Brunswick police are still looking for multiple suspects who were involved in the shooting of two men in a residence at 719 Norwich St. on Wednesday.

The two victims, whose names have not been released, are in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. They were in stable condition Friday, Brunswick Police Detective Roy Blackstock said.

The men were taken to Southeast Georgia Health System's hospital in Brunswick but were transferred to another health facility.

Police did not release where the men were taken because their attackers are still at large.............
well im not so sure this is drug related now...this is the older brother of someone i went to High School with and they were always straight and narrow...
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