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2 in douglas co flag case face 20yrs in prison

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Punishment well deserved. If they had kept to themselves, were not confrontational and left the guns alone I wouldn't have a problem with them flying what ever flag they want. I have a feeling they did not start the argument but they turned it into racial bigotry and threats with a deadly weapon. Actions like those are what has mutated the Confederate Flags symbolism into more than it is. Far too many people in this day and age use it not as a symbol of differences but as a symbol of hate. Not only of Blacks but everyone that isn't white and Christian. The symbol of the Democrats has been taken over by radical Republican voting hate groups. While much smaller in number than the Democrat voting hate groups all the hate for no real reason needs to end. Maybe someday it will?
Just to be clear, this is not the case about a bunch of ******** waving a flag and insulting black people.
That would be free speech. Offensive. But still within the First Amendment.

It's about white people forming a gang specifically for the purpose of terrorizing and intimidating innocent black people,
including threatening them at gunpoint.
So it's aggravated assault, plus terroristic threat, plus because of the group activity, gang related crime too (enhanced punishments).
20 years is probably appropriate for crimes like rape or child molestation. But agg. assault and threats where no one was physically harmed? It seems like judicial virtue signaling by the court.
Too much, imho. 5 years would sound more appropriate.
Well, 20-serve-15 means that 15 years is the incarceration portion of the sentence, and 5 years is the probation part.

But out of those 15 years, parole should be available in 1/3 of that time, or after 5 years of actual lock-up (with credit for local jail time, too, between arrest date and conviction date).
He sentenced to 13, she to 6 inside. Serving 1/3 by GS's general calculating method so he does 4 years 8 mths and she 2 years. If released on intitial eligibility date. But even that is tough. And the reason-- that will get around and they will be targets I suspect.


From link above.

He sentenced Torres to 20 years, with 13 to serve in prison; Norton was given 15 years, with six to serve.
It's pretty stupid to point guns and threaten to shoot people just because you provoke them to an argument without any justification. They got a harsh sentence, but stupid is as stupid does.
The total number of years is based on the total number of counts against them. 20 years is not just the pointing of the shotgun.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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