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I found the following PDF file while I was looking for a military field manual or technical manual for an SKS rifle.

This document has several pages on the SKS, but it also covers dozens of other popular military small arms used by foreign armies from WWII up through the 1960s. This document was put out by the US Army for our special forces in 1967.

It is over 300 pages long, and groups the weapons into pistols, rifles, subachineguns, and machine guns.

Each gun is covered individually with at least a few pages of pictures or drawings, technical specifications (weight, barrel length, overall length, etc.), and a discussion of what the weapon's unusual features are, often comparing it and contrasting it with other firearms in its class.

It's a handy resource for MIL-SURP collectors or anybody who likes military history.

It's a big file with a bit of downloading time for me, about a full minute.
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