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That link could not have been final bill as passed.


A BILL To provide for the taxation of manufacturers, importers, and dealers in small firearms and machine guns, to tax the sale or other disposal of such weapons, and to restrict importation and regulate interstate importation thereof.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Stales of America in Congress assembled, That for the purposes of this act the term "firearm" means a pistol, revolver, shotgun having a barrel less than sixteen inches in length, or any other firearm capable of being concealed on the person, a muffler or silencer therefor, or a machine gun.

The term "machine gun" means any weapon designed to shoot automatically or semiautomatically twelve or more shots without reloading.

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The original of HR9066 was very different from what passed. I discussed this here recently. the debate in the link discusses changes needed to the bill. e.g.,

Banned pistols (removed)
Lengthened shotguns two inches (debated making it 20)
Added a definition for short barreled rifles after taking out pistols
Drastically changed the definition of a machine gun

And more!

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needs to be repealed.
Needs to be struck down by SCOTUS. End of story about infringements. If it's only repealed then later they will bring it back worse.

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Its sad reading that. First the AG reassuring the members of the committee that if they pass it as a tax and regulation on interstate commerce that it is sure to pass constitutional muster. Then enter the President of the NRA for further Negotiating of Rights Away.
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