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19 days in Gilmer County

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Went thru the paces to re-new my GFL on Oct. 10th, received my permit in the mail today! If all the counties could have this good of a turn around time,huh? Would 19 days be a new record or has somebody here gotten their permit in less time? The clerk at the probate office was very friendly & cordial, as if she was there just for me. It could not have been a more pleasant process.
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Better now, 8 days.
There was a line of applicants the day I went.
That is much improved. When did you go? A few months back, the local ETC morning host had the probate judge on interviewing her on the responsibilities of her dept. The conversation eventually turned to the GFL process. All in all, a real positive interview.
I think the exposure from that interview kind of opened folks eyes as to how simple it is. Others on this board tried to encourage me to go on the show & talk up GCO, but I was too chicken. I just don't feel qualified to represent the organization in that manner. Now, I would be willing to possibly be a go-between & maybe help arrange an interview with MP or kkennett or others on the Board of Directors. How about it guys, should I place a phone call to the ETC studios & see if they are interested? Is GCO interested? This is David Ralston's territory & he is a staunch ally. Would he be a good co-interview? BTW, this post may get an "off topic" relocation- :oops: Sorry, GS1.
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