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18th Homicide in Macon

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Sorry if this is a repost. I did a search and did not come across anything.

“I think the police need to beef up security,†said Lou Patel, who didn’t know Vishnu Patel. “They need to do more patrols and checks at closing time. This is a tragedy no matter who it was.â€
Hasn't it become clear that the police cannot protect you? Taking responsibility for your personal protection is such a foreign concept to way too many people. :screwy:
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Patel’s death is similar to three shooting deaths in Middle Georgia last year, in which three different men with the last name of Patel were shot to death at service stations in Bibb and Baldwin counties. None of the homicides was related.
But Burns said the police can only do so much, and it’s up to the public to help them out with information.

“If someone has heard something, make the call,†he said. “If someone has seen something, make the call. If someone knows something, make the call. If you don’t, realize that you share responsibility if thugs like those who shot Mr. Patel shoot someone else. There is no reason to protect someone that has no regard for a person’s life.â€
18th? That's nothing.... We've almost doubled that here in Augusta!! Our thugs are working hard this year!
higabyte said:
18th? That's nothing.... We've almost doubled that here in Augusta!! Our thugs are working hard this year!
Well I think according to the numbers last year it is high for Macon.
The urban terrorists are working hard here in Macon too. Most crime never even makes it into the local state-controlled media.

There's a lot of anger in the community over the cold-blooded murder of Mr. Patel. The story just broke my heart, especially seeing the picture of one of his friends who went and cleaned up the blood the next day.
Was just giving you guys a hard time. 18 is alot, but I was being serious about us being almost double. We're at 32 right now, I believe... Either way, it's pretty eff'd up!
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