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And now he is polling at 40%...distancing himself from every other candidate in the field. I am seeing more and more of his signs popping up in affluent East Snobb county and I fear that the 6th might indeed "flip". :|
Extremely unlikely. Special elections favor Republicans and despite the poll numbers and the millions of dollars the national Democrats are pouring into the district, Ossoff (or any other candidate) has a vanishingly small chance of getting to 50%+1 on the first ballot. Things will look very different in the runoff between Ossoff and the top Republican.

That said, if you live in CD6, please vote on April 18th. I have to be officially neutral among the Republicans in the race, but I know most of them personally and frankly they would all be good choices. If you have family, friends, or colleagues in the district, please remind them to vote as well. (Even if they're Democrats, try to get them out to vote for one of the other D candidates.)

Currently it looks like a race between Karen Handel and Bob Gray for the top Republican slot, but that could change. If you have a preference between them, vote for your favorite. If not, vote for anyone who's not Ossoff, and you'll still be helping to keep another gun-grabbing weenie out of Congress :lol:
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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